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Virtus Book 0: The novel-length first installment of the Virtus Space Opera Epic.

The world is on the cusp of revolution. Anton Bouché, young, impressionable, is forced to confront the meaninglessness of his life in the face of global suffering. He is called to leave his life behind, to join the revolution, and to be a hero of the poor. What he doesn't know, however, is that the corrupt will always lie, and that ideals are as fragile as window glass.

Then Rain Unended

The third chapbook by Seth Seong. It is a collection of 30 poems about space, melancholia, possibility, and freedom in the constraints of the modern world.
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City, Ruby

The first chapbook published by Seth Seong. It has 30 poems inspired by the Emerald City, reflecting themes of love, income inequality, authenticity, and the lust for power.

Iron Murmurs, Snow Does Sigh

The second chapbook published by Seth Seong. It contains 30 poems about a winter night turning into dawn, sharing themes of depression, power, frustration, hope, and temptation